How I Managed Foreign Currency During my Recent Trip to Thailand

Smartest way to spend on Foreign Travels

I returned from my Thailand trip last week and I want to share with you something critical about Forex for International Vacation. We planned to stay in Thailand for 50 days and I needed foreign currency (Thailand Baht) equivalent to 50,000 Indian Rupees. I was confused whether I should carry cash or rely on plastic money (cards). […]

Save More when you have a Spending Habit

Save More

I had a bad habit of using slang while talking. We often used those words in college to interact with friends or colleagues without calling their names. Certainly, it was not in my lists of good habits. Many times while watching a cricket match at home, unknowingly I used those slang and had to suffer embarrassment from […]

5 ways to make extra income without quiting your day job

online money earning

Earning money is difficult? Sometimes on a bus stop or in train, I often hear some uncle ji saying, There is a big unemployment. And there is a huge scarcity of jobs and earning opportunities. But the reality is contradictory. There is always a lack of willpower and inefficient personality behind unemployment who don’t want to do […]

18 Money Saving Tips for Online Shopping in India

save online shopping money

I saved Rs. 300 more on my phone than my  friend. That too when I used a COD and she paid on the best deals by her credit card. But when I said that the product was refurbished, she curled her eyebrows. She lectured me with her usual phrases, Quality Material… Customer Assistance… Great Selection… hidden […]

11 Best Credit Cards In India 2016 Review

best credit cards in India

Last updated: July 26th 2016 I am a credit card freak. I often do research on credit cards and keep an eye on the best available credit cards in India. In a glance, best credit card in india ICICI Instant Platinum Card. HDFC MoneyBack Card. Citibank Cashback Credit Card. Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card. HDFC […]

How to put your finances on auto mode


here is what people do wrong.. ..most of the people waste their hard earned money because they are not disciplined in savings.. and I am not the exception! I too made the same mistakes….. I made the same mistakes when I joined my first job. I wasted money on the things that I did not […]

Make online money with your hidden skills

Tips to Make Extra Income

  It reminds me a quote from a famous Chinese tv serial “Kung Fu, The Legend Continues” of 1997 that, If you trust yourself, any choice you make will be correct. If you do not trust yourself, anything you do will be wrong. To find your saleable skills, you will have to look inside. Even […]

How to earn money from youtube : A complete guide

online money through youtube

Ever wondered,  how much do youtubers make per view? Enough to live a lush life. You will be surprised after looking at the figures. Keep reading to get inspired and to know how to earn money from youtube. 89 percent of Google’s revenue is generated through advertisement on different platforms, youtube playing a major role. […]